Hailing from the backwoods of North Carolina, Shawn and Travis have been best friends for over 25 years. Together they have worked on a host of award winning short films, albums and music videos before forming Lowcountry Wedding Films, Lowcountry Filmworks, and Magic Owl Pictures. Combining Shawn's artistic talents as an experienced cameraman, documentary producer and director with Travis' aptitudes as a highly esteemed sound engineer, music producer and former film student, together they offer an unbeatable foundation of creativity and business acumen. Over the years they have combined forces with other talented artists to ensure that the Lowcountry Filmworks crew is second to none.

meet the team
Shawn Whittington
Lead Cinematographer/ Owner

With over 300 weddings under his belt, Shawn leads the crew in creating timeless works of art that continue to inspire and wow clients worldwide. Taking the old-school approach to learning filmmaking, through mentorship working on productions from New York to LA, he has spent over 20 years honing his craft and perfecting his technique. In 2008, Shawn founded Lowcountry Wedding Films, quickly becoming one of the most recognized names in the industry. Today he continues to evolve his style and is always searching for innovations and new ideas to take his films to the next level. When in relaxation mode, he is an avid martial artist, bookworm, film connoisseur and most of all loves spending time with his beautiful wife Katie and their loveable fur baby Miley.

Travis Ward
Lead Cinematographer

Hailing from the southern United States, Travis is a camera operator, editor, and music producer. Always on the move, he enjoys traveling from coast to coast, producing films for corporate clients, music artists and couples alike. Ward enjoys taking pictures of birds in his backyard and is enjoying the married life with two cats and two dogs.

Justin Rogers

Justin is a freelance cinematographer from Atlanta, Georgia and a graduate from the University of Georgia. Working with cameras since a young age, photography naturally grew from a hobby into his passion and profession. Justin is known for his versatility, perfection, and easy going attitude. Away from work, he prefers to spend his time hiking, camping, and scuba diving while practicing wildlife and landscape photography.

Bopey Foppe
Administrative/Aspiring Cinematographer

Bopey grew up in Columbia, SC where she studied dance, theater, and film from her childhood through college. After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in English, she moved to Charleston, SC where she resides with her husband and children.

Fraser Reade

Fraser is a freelance video producer from Atlanta, Georgia. A graduate from the University of Georgia and former Georgia athlete, Fraser now spends his time developing video solutions for corporate, commercial, and wedding clients. In his spare time, Fraser loves to dine on poutine and practices to perfect his acapella version of the Canadian National Anthem.

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