Weddings are not only a joining of two individuals and their families, they are one of the biggest celebrations of your life where loved ones and friends all come together to witness the formation of a sacred union that will define the rest of your days. We have been filming weddings for many, many moons and have found that each one is uniquely different. Through experience we have learned where to look for the story and details of the wedding day that most people overlook or miss. This artistic eye combined with beautiful cinematic technique ensures that your big day is captured and retold in a way that will engage the viewer and become one of your most treasured pieces of your family history. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and rest assured you will know that you have made a wise choice to trust us with your precious memories.


With the advent of social media, sharing your life experiences has never been easier and as enjoyable. Want to share moments from your wedding day with family and friends a week or two after the wedding? Then the Teaser Video is right up your alley. This is like a movie trailer which showcases scenes from the film which is coming soon. A little tasty appetizer to compliment the main course that will be arriving shortly.

Highlights Films

This short 3 1/2 to 5-minute film tells the story of your wedding day from beginning to end, wrapping it up in a nice, neat, little package. Perfect for sharing on social media and any other way you choose.

Feature Films

Running from 6 to 8 minutes, the Feature Film is a longer, more comprehensive story of the wedding day. From the bride and groom getting ready until the final exit, no detail is left untouched. Mom helping her daughter into the dress, the emotion of walking down the aisle, the tears during the father daughter dance. All of this and everything in between is captured and retold in a story that only Lowcountry Wedding Films can tell.

Documentary Edits

Relive your wedding day from beginning to end with our Documentary Edit. This includes the Full Ceremony, Entrances, First Dances and Toasts in their entirety as they happened in real time. Multiple camera angles and sources of audio ensure that you get the most immersive experience possible. It’s like being there all over again.

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